Welcome to inboxStreetwear

In 2007, we launched our brand with screened t-shirts. Because we want to have a shirt that we designed to pair with a minimalist style shirt. We package the boxes so that customers who purchase them as gifts can keep them. That is where the name inboxStreetwear comes from.

Later on, we wanted to pair each other with a simple linen shirt. Since then, inboxStreetwear has been designing and producing more products under our brand.

— Design Concepts & Selection of Raw Materials —

We place a premium on design simplicity. And good quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear can be worn for an extended period of time. We mostly use Linen, natural organic, and Environmentally Friendly raw materials. Because we focus on Sustainable Fashion, we encourage you to Reuse, Resell, Exchange, or use Second-hand clothing to limit new purchases by bringing clothes that can be reused or mixed and matched with existing clothes to make them more versatile.

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